The Presa Canario belongs to a group of medium sized molosser dogs with strong musculature, imposing looks and well balanced character.

Coat is short, with no undercoat and is easy to maintain. The color varies from brindle in all shades to sandy yellow. All-black color and whiteness on the head are not up to the International Kennel Club (F.C.I.) standard!

Hight of the males at the withers is from 60 cm to 66 cm and the females from 56 cm to 62 cm. In the case of very typical specimens, a distance of + or – 2 cm from the maximum or minimum will be allowed. The maximum weight of males is 65 kg and females 55 kg.

Body is longer than the height at the withers, and especially in females this trait is more pronounced. The height of the back of the body is 1-2 cm higher than the front.

Head is massive, compact in appearance and covered with thick skin. The shape tends towards a slightly elongated cube.

Neck: Shorter than the length of the head and very muscular. Skin on the underside is loose, forming a slight dewlap.

Muzzle is shorter than the head, usually about 40% of the length of the head, and its width is 2/3 of the skull.The nostrils are large to facilitate breathing.

Eyes are medium in size, slightly oval, medium to dark brown with characteristic black eyelids. Bright eyes and falling eyelids are considered flaws. The mask is black and should not exceed eye height.

Teeth are wide, with a strong base, large molars, small incisors and well-developed canines. The bite must be scissor, a flat bite is not desirable.

Tail is thick at the base, curved all the way to the tip, never crossing the wrist. In motion it rises in the form of a saber, without curling or pointing at the back. At rest it hangs relaxed with a slight curve at the tip. The movement in action is agile and covers a great deal of terrain in a short period of time.

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