So you decided you want a Presa Canario. Picking a puppy from a litter should be fun but  before you start your journey with this beautiful breed, there are a few things you have to ask yourself.

Can I afford to look after a dog?

You need to be absolutely sure that you will be able to provide for its needs for the entirety of its life. There are lots of costs associated with owning a dog such as insurance, vet bills, food and more.  Make sure your budget is set up for owning a dog.

Is my home suitable for a dog?

A house with a yard is perfect for your puppy, but they will be content with living in a flat as long as they get the right amount of exercise. Fencing around the yard should be sutiable for a large breed dog.  If you live in rented or council accommodation, you need to get written permission from your landlord before getting a Presa Canario.

Will my dog be left alone regularly?

A dog is not a toy and can not be left alone the whole day to take care of itself. Make sure you have considered how they will be cared for when you are at work, out for the day or on a holiday.

Can I give my dog the exercise it needs?

Presa Canario needs regular, quality exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. Make sure you have considered you have the time and energy to give your dog the exercise he needs.

Am I looking for a family dog or a protection dog?

If your anwser is both, a Presa Canario is a good choise. This dogs were bred for protection and security but are also a good and loyal family pet. They will give anything to please there family and loves company and interaction.

Are they good with other dogs?

A Presa canario is a dominant breed and is not so good with strangers and other dogs of the same sex. There are always exceptions, but you have to understand this is not a dog you will take of the leash in a dog park. If you already have one or more dogs at home, consider getting a presa puppy the opposite sex and having  the space to separate them. Their temperament is also down to you, because temperament is heavily influenced by upbringing.

Are they good with children?

The anwser is yes , but a Presa Canario as any other dog is not a toy and must not be left alone with small children unsupervised. You must be responsible and let them have space for them self. If they are raised and socialized in a family home with children, they will be the childrens best friend and loyal protector.

Boy or girl?

There are a few things to consider. Female dogs who are not neutered will have ‘seasons’ at least twice a year where they will bleed and be attractive to unneutered male dogs. You willl need to be prepared to manage this and prevent any accidental litters. Male dogs are more dominant and usually dont get along with other male dogs.

The next step is chossing a puppy.

When choosing a presa puppy we must ask ourselves a question – do we want a show dog or a pet?

When choosing a show dog, structure and temperament is most important. A good puppy is proportional, has a big head and wide and deep chest. Muzzle is shorter than the head, usually about 40% of the length of the head. Ears are set wide and high. Hight should be proportional to the rest off the body, never to short or to long. Tail is thick at the base, curved all the way to the tip. Checking for a scissore bite and both testicles in males is also crucial.